Program Goals

The heart of the Clinic is to serve those who can not afford private health insurance, or are under insured (e.g. high deductible).


The Clinic does not accept patients who already have Medicare but we have made exceptions based on individual needs or circumstances.

The Clinic will provide short-term assistance to those awaiting approval of Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, Health Department Services, or other assistance programs.

As a general rule, the Compassion Outreach Center provides health care for:

• People who are working without insurance and who can not afford the luxury of medical, optical, or pharmaceutical care

• People who have been laid off and have no medical insurance.

• People with seasonal or low paying jobs.

• People with part-time jobs.

• Working single parent families.

• People who are attempting to become self-sufficient while getting off welfare.

• People who live in temporary shelters.

• College students without family support.

We are unable to provide medical service to patients:

• Seeking health care which is already provided free at other agencies (i.e. sexually transmitted diseases, immunizations) Please go to the Pontotoc County Health Center.

• Those who have health privileges with the Chickasaw Nation Health System.

• With job related injuries involving Worker’s Compensation.


The Compassion Outreach Center is a State Licensed Charitable Pharmacy. Prescriptions will be filled for verified indigent patients only.

All patients will be encouraged to purchase their own medications using the Wal Mart or Walgreen Generic drug plan.

RX for Oklahoma: Free Medications Program

Patients can apply for this state program through RX for Oklahoma representative, Donna Pound. While your application is being processed, which usually takes 30 days, the clinic will assist in providing some or all of your medications for four weeks.

Narcotics/Controlled Medication of any kind are not stocked or prescribed at this clinic!

Free Services Provided

• Medical Care for Chronic Ailments
For example:
-Arthritis -Asthma
-High Blood Pressure, etc.

• Patient Assistance Program- Medications
• Chiropractic Care-
• Registered Dietician-
• Eye Exams- in partnership with Ada Lions Club
• Dental Extractions- Dr. Bruce Hall & Dr. Mark Weems
• Blood tests- through Lab Corp
• Free Clothing
• Free Meal
• Free Haircut
• Prayer Chaplain on duty
• Divorce & Bereavement Support Group
• Freedom from Smoking Classes
• Sunday Night Bible Study & Fellowship

Services NOT Provided

• Well baby checkups
• Chest pains- please go to ER
• Immunizations
• Suturing (inserting stitches)
• Drug Testing
• Hospitalized care
• Rubella titers
• Abortions
• Pre-Natal Care
• Physical therapy
• Casting (on or off)
• Hepatitis evaluations
• Controlled drugs
• Second Opinions
• Processing Workers Compensation
• Processing SSA Disability Claims
• Patient Records/Files

Additional Programs

In addition to providing quality medical, optical and dental services we also provide the following services:

Clothing Closet

Gently used clothing is available for all ages on the following new schedule:

-Every 1st Tuesday of each month

-1 pm to 5 pm

Food Supplement Program For Seniors

Seniors who are 60 years old plus, can apply for a box of food commodities, which is distributed every third week of each month! To apply, please all 580-310-1021 and leave a message.

Clinic Transportation

If you are a Compassion patient and in need of transportation to make your appointment, please call 580-310-1021, leave a message 24 hours before your appointment, and we will assist you with transportation to and from the clinic.

Support and Study Groups

Depression Bi-Polar Support Group:

You don’t have to struggle alone! This peer-led group provides resources and encouragement to cope with depression and bi-polar issues. This support group meets every Monday, at 6: at the Compassion Outreach Center!

Divorce and Bereavement Support Group:

Those who have lost loved ones in death as well as in divorce share the deep emotions of sorrow and grief.  For more details, please contact Tom Stephens, 580-310-2971.